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Biolumière Organics REGENERATE contains a luxurious 11+ ingredient blend of the world’s most revolutionary,  all natural and age defying technology. Backed by years of research and clinical studies, this proprietary formula leaves your skin fully restored with a youthful glow.

4 Age Defying Steps to Healthier Skin.

The Power of 4 Products in 1

All working together to support new skin growth.

SWT-7 (Swertia Chirata)

Derived from an herb native to the Himalayas, this powerful extract naturally replenishes your keratinocytes (a building agent for keratin). It activates the cells under your wrinkles to help speed up your skin’s cellular regeneration. In trials SWT-7 was specifically proven to target vertical wrinkles, which are the imperfections that make you look older. This amazing ingredient provides compounding effects that strengthen over time.

  • Anti-vertical wrinkle & skin texture smoothing
  • Balancing of tone & color
  • Reduction in lipstick migration

Caviar Limes

Caviar Lime (Microcitrus Australasica) is a small tree endemic to the sub-tropical rainforests of Australia, specifically Northeastern New South Wales and Southeast Queensland.

  • Improves skin exfoliation and brightens complexion
  • Locks in moisture and thickens skin for a healthier, fuller glow
  • Gently exfoliates skin and creates a smoother, brighter and more even complexion


Ectoin provides outstanding protection as an anti-inflammatory which helps reduce discoloration and puffiness under the eyes. Ectoin shields skin, protecting against blue light and pollution. Specifically tested on crows feet, it reduced wrinkle depth by 32% and wrinkle volume by 40%.

  • Shields skin on the cellular level, protecting against harmful blue light and pollution
  • Reduces inflammation and allergic reactions
  • Prevents the effects of accelerated aging at different cellular levels

Glycoin Resurrection Plant

These fascinating plants thrive in the deserts of Africa under extremely dry conditions. When the rain arrives, this plant seemingly comes back to life! It miraculously re-greens within a few hours, and we have incorporated that amazing ability in our formulation.

  • Revitalizes aged cells back to youthful function
  • Provides all day moisture with just one application
  • Smoothes and blurs wrinkles and lines
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