Never Pay Full Price Again

With Auto-Replenish

Benefits of Being an Auto-Replenish Customer

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Deals and Discounts

With our Auto-Replenishment service, you get your favorite Aloe Infusion products. Plus, 15% OFF the lifetime of your subscription. Oh, and did we mention shipping is always FREE?

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Get It When You Need It

Orders are shipped straight to your front door. Get all the products you love shipped to you for your convenience. You don’t have to remember to reorder or risk running out.

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24 Hour Online Access

Get private access to the Auto-Replenish center to edit your subscription. Adjust or cancel your order at any time.You will receive email notifications before each delivery.

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Early Access To New Products

Your subscription gets you exclusive access to new products before anyone else. If we happen to sell out of any product, your order gets shipped out first priority!

Auto-Replenish FAQs

How do I start an Auto Replenish subscription?

  • Find a product elligible for subscribe and select your preferred quantity and frequency.
  • Place your order
  • Review your order details.
  • Click confirm subscription.

Before each shipment, we will send an e-mail notification to let you know your next order is being processed so you can make any necessary updates, if needed.

How can I edit my Subscription?

You can access your Subscription Center 24 hours a day to make edits to your account. You can adjust your delivery date, add and remove products, adjust your shipping frequency, edit your customer information, and cancel or pause your subscription at any time inside the Subscription Center or by contacting customer service at 1-888-428-4553. You are under no obligation. No Contracts cancel your Auto-Replenish program at any time.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You're under no obligation. No contacts. To cancel your Subscribe AND Save subscription:

  • Go to your Auto-Replenish order.
  • Click subscriptions you'd like to cancel and click Edit.
  • Click Cancel subscriptions, then click Confirm cancellation.

And if you’d rather talk on the phone, you can reach the Auto-Replenish priority support team at 1-888-428-4553 and they’ll help you!

Can I combine sales discounts with Auto-Replenish?

Other coupon and discounts can not be combined with our Auto-Replenish program. However, you will always recieve a 15% discount for the lifetime of your order!

What is priority inventory?

As an Auto-Replenish member, you go straight to the front of the line if we ever run out of stock. In other words, we reward you for your loyalty by shipping your orders — before anyone else. It’s a small way of saying thanks for being a member. You also get VIP access to all new products before the general public.

Can I add products to my subscription?

Yes! To adjust the products in your order, go to the order center. Or contact a member of our support team and they'll help you update the products in your subscribe and save order.

How do I change the products I subscribe to?

You can easily adjust the products in your subscription at any time. Remember, there’s no commitments and no contracts. So if you want to add product to your shipment or remove a product for a little while, you can always do that easily within your members area. And if you’d rather hop on the phone, you can reach the Auto-Replenish priority support team and they’ll help you with each step.