When Should I Start A Skin Care Routine?

When Should I Start A Skin Care Routine?

As we age and our bodies experience a long list of changes, our production of elastin and collagen, the proteins responsible for keeping skin plump and firm, in the skin slows down, creating those fine lines and wrinkles, and a general loss of tightness.

Many ask, when is the right time to start combating the effects of aging? The answer is - you're never too young to initiate a routine to nourish and protect your skin. Safeguarding your skin early on is the best form of prevention against sun spots, fine lines, and other signs of ageing. The best method is to address those pesky problem areas before they've arrived by establishing your skin care routine in your early 20's. 

Skin Care In Your 20's

In your early 20's you aren't concerned about crows feet or mouth lines just yet, but it is one of the most vital times to lay the blue prints for vivacious and sustained skin for the remainder of your years. During your 20's you should focus on hydration and protection to support continued healthy and smooth skin. 

Finding a moisturizer that suits your skin and routine may take time, but it is absolutely worth the hunt. We suggest finding an all-natural moisturizer, as your skin can absorb any harsh chemicals or additives that may be included in some formulas. Incorporating a 2-time daily application of moisturizer into your routine will go a long way for sustaining lustrous, sleek skin. We suggest finding a moisturizer for both your face and hands. 

We recommend always using a broad spectrum sunscreen when spending more than 20+ minutes in sunlight and using cosmetics that include some degree of sunscreen protection. Sun damage is one of the major culprits that cause fine lines and wrinkles. This is because UV light increases the product of free radicals in your skin, which are unstable molecules prone to attacking cells and stimulating the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Therefore, prevention from the sun's harmful rays from the get-go, can be a huge help in keep your skin naturally silky soft. 

Skin Care In Your Mid-20's 

As you approach your mid-twenties, you're production of collagen and elastin, begins to slow. Although the effects may not take place right away, you may notice a dullness or sagging begin to develop in certain areas.

This is the time to begin introducing an anti-aging regimen into your skin care routine, to help cushion any loss of healthy skin cells and proteins. The skin surrounding your eyes is especially sensitive so we encourage using an all-natural serum that works to protect against puffiness and the development of fine lines and crows-feet. For example our natural products enhance your personal, natural beauty just the way we want it to, without the use of chemical fillers or additives. 

Beginning these efforts in your mid-twenties will counter any early onset effects of our environment like toxins and pollution that we encounter. By prematurely supporting your skin, you are strengthening and nourishing it from the inside out to make for lasting, healthy skin. 

Skin Care In Your 30's

Towards the end of your twenties and the beginning of your thirties you enter a stage called pre-ageing. During this period of wading into your 30's, you may see a few fine lines and wrinkles on the horizon. This now might be the time to start exploring more focused wrinkle-fighters.  Investing in a night cream can also be hugely advantageous to your skincare routine, as our skin regenerates and repairs itself as we sleep. You may consider applying your night cream and anti-aging serum to your neck as well as your face. The neck is one of the most common areas that can make us appear older than we are, so we recommend conditioning it along with your face in your skin care routine as soon as possible. 

It's also very important to begin exfoliating more regularly in your thirties. Around this time, your skin turnover is decreasing and only naturally exfoliates itself every 35 days compared to every 14 days like in our twenties. So we want to help our skin out a little bit and invest in a product that repairs, hydrates and protects your skin in all the way that it needs. Our Regenerate Anti-Aging moisturizer uses nopal leaf and glycoin to do just that naturally. 

Skin Care In Your Mid-30's

Another annoying side effect of slowing skin turnover is that the top layer of our skin doesn't stay naturally moisturized for nearly as long. You want to make sure you're strict about routinely applying your moisturizers and look for specific ingredients that boost daily moisture. Glycoin is another hugely helpful agent in keeping that all-day moisture that you're looking for. 

Many of us are also shocked to find that adult female hormonal acne is still a thing, and it kicks into gear around this time in our lives due to our shifting hormonal levels. Of course our hormones can go wild due to a variety of factors, from altering birth control, to pregnancy, or even run-of-the-mill everyday stress. Unfortunately we can't treat adult acne like we did during our teenage years. Adult skin is less pliable than teenage skin and turns over less making it take longer to see results from things like topical creams. We recommend ensuring that your skin care routine has anti-acne properties. For example our Regenerate Anti-Aging moisturize contains Jojoba Oil which is very useful in treating tough acne, alleviating red or puffy skin, and rejuvenating dry skin. 

Skin Care In Your 40's & 50's 

As we glide into our middle aged years we may continue to see more loosening of our skin that isn't bouncing back or smoothing like it used to. It may be dryer, making it more susceptible to forming deep fine lines and wrinkles. By ensuring you have a quality moisturizer, you can protect your skin against free radical damage which can be easily caused by pollution, cigarette smoke, UV rays, and smog. This will also help improve the appearance of any damage you may have already accumulated.

One reason our skin becomes dryer is due to our levels of hyaluronic acid decreasing. Hyaluronic acid is one of the strongest water-soluble compounds in the body. It draws moisture into the skin and preserves it deep in the dermis layer. Like our Regenerate Anti-Aging moisturizer, we urge women consider using a product that includes a form of hyaluronic acid, it helps make it so your skin becomes better at retaining moisture levels. A formula that includes water-heavy ingredients such as caviar limes and cucumber also makes a big difference in keeping your skin hydrated and unyielding to the elements. 

In Conclusion 

Everyday our bodies are changing, developing, and aging - it's a natural display of the beautiful transitions we experience as humans throughout our existence. At Biolumière Organics, we think it's important to pair our innate journeys with products that support and enhance the natural features and elements that we're given. Finding a skin care system in your 20's that hydrates, protects, and repairs for each stage in life is vital for prolonging our natural, exquisite selves. 


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