This Is Why Your Eye Cream Isn't Doing The Trick.

This Is Why Your Eye Cream Isn't Doing The Trick.

If you're starting to get frustrated with your eye cream or serum and don't think it's working the way it should, but you've tried so many that you're starting to feel discouraged - we're here to help you. We hear from so many women about the lack of results they see from using eye creams and serums. We want to break down why this could be happening. 

Your Cream Doesn't Contain Active Ingredients 

The goal of any eye cream or serum is to provide moisture and plump up thirsty skin cells around the eye area so fine lines appear less noticeable. Some people use special solutions to address dark circles, deep wrinkles, puffiness, loss of elasticity that leads to sagging, or discoloration. One mistake is that you can't expect your eye cream to do it all, so you may want to shop around for additional products that target those other conditions. 

Depending on your concern, eye cream is the one product where it is vital to look at the ingredients and discern what is chemical, and what is organic. This is important because nature has ways of giving us that extra boost that is needed when things like loss of elasticity begin to occur, it's simply about knowing which ones they are. 

Although we know that there are potent chemically enhanced ingredients out there than can have a positive effect for your eyes, but we have always found that effects are faster and longer lasting when primarily using naturally occurring ingredients. 


Active ingredients to look for in an eye cream:

  • For balancing skin tone, and improving skin texture, SWT-7 or Swertia Chirata. 
  • For reducing the look of dark circles use caviar limes and ectoin. 
  • For smoothing wrinkles and providing all day moisture, use ingredients like glycoin and hyaluronic acid.

Your Eye Makeup Remover Is Too Greasy & Is Interfering With Your Eye Cream Or Serum

When using a heavy, oil-based product to remove your eye makeup may cause an oily film to be left behind on the skin during the process. Next, if you're washing your fact after with water or a cleanser, it's likely they can't cut through the oil residue remaining on your skin. What's left is a coating over the skin cells that makes it impossible for the active ingredients from your eye serum or cream to do their job effectively because it will be incredibly difficult for it be absorbed. 

We recommend skipping the oil-based makeup remover and go with water-based, no sting formulas instead. This could very well help to improve the performance of your eye serum. 

Pro tip: Apply eye makeup remover to a lint-free, fuzz-free cloth or cotton pad and gently press down on your eye and hold for 20 seconds before wiping away. This gives your eye makeup a chance to dissolve first so you can avoid unnecessary rubbing and tugging, which can weaken skin elasticity around the eyes.

You Might Not Be Using Enough 

Although it might seem to obvious, it could still very well be true. The more effort you put into caring for your eyes, the more illuminating and satisfying the results will be. When it comes to using eye cream or serum, it's an extra step above and beyond cleaning, toning, and moisturizing because it often gets neglected. You have to use them regularly to see real results, at least once a day is what we recommend and preferably at night when your skin is primed for it's self-repairing process. Although if you wake up with puffiness, you'll want to use an eye cream or gel in your morning routine instead. 

You're Not Exfoliating 

If you're worried about dry, cracked skin or crepiness near your eyes, all the moisture in the world won't do much good when you have dead cells that desperately need to be removed first from the skin's surface. Once these cells are lifted away, a moisturizing eye cream or serum and the active ingredients within it will be able to perform their best, since they're working with fresh, new skin cells. We suggest using a gentle, under-eye exfoliater. The idea of having to exfoliate under the eyes is new to some but you can expect this to be a big trend coming around when people realize it's necessary if you wan to see real results and get smoother-looking skin around their eyes. Be sure that you exfoliate, you're applying your eye cream or serum. 

Level Your Expectations. 

The opposite of music to anyone's ears but it's unfortunately true with any skincare product - it can only do so much. Skin aging is a general fact of life and can be determined by so many things such as environmental factors, genetics, and lifestyles. Different concerns also vary in their ability to be improved, for instance under-eye dark circles and sagging skin from lack of elasticity are tricky to improve. 

Make no mistake, we believe that eye creams are super helpful, so we highly encourage you to use one as we do. We hope this post was helpful for those of you who feel like your eye cream isn’t working, and that it allows you to be a smarter, more informed skincare consumer! Knowledge is power!


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