Regenerative Research: Result Driven Ingredients

Regenerative Research: Result Driven Ingredients

Biolumière Organics uses only the highest quality of luxury ingredients in all of our products. We hand-select each ingredient based on years of clinical research and proven results. 

This is where a lot of companies will stop researching and just look for the cheapest, untested versions of these ingredients possible. We take pride in our extensive sourcing process. We only use the highest quality suppliers to help us build our products.

Below we're going to go over the research behind some of our most popular ingredients and tell you more about the company that makes them. These ingredients are trademarked because of the extensive amount of research behind each one. 

Award Winning SWT-7™ Technology 

SWT-7™ from leading cosmetic researcher Lucas Meyer Cosmetics. This natural regenerative technology is the future of natural skin care. This is the most studied variant of the incredible healing Himalayan plant Swertia Chirata

What Can SWT-7 Do? 

Instead of using a cheap untested Swertia Chirata we went to the best source for this incredible Himalayan grown technology. SWT-7™ means results. It's in the research. Take a look at what real results in anti-aging and natural skin care look like below.

SWT-7™ won the Silver Award for the Innovation Zone Best Active Ingredient at in-cosmetics Barcelona! Discover.

Clinical Results:

Exfoliate with Luxurious Caviar Lime Pearls 

Australian Caviar Lime Pearls have been tested and shown to exfoliate your skin allowing moisture to penetrate deeper. This helps to lock in moisture brightening your complexion and thickening the skin. This leaves you with a healthy moisturized glow.

Clinical Results:

Deep Protection from Ectoin 

Ectoin provides outstanding protection as an anti-inflammatory which helps to reduce discoloration & puffiness under the eyes. Ectoin shields skin protecting against blue light and pollution.

Clinical Results:

If you’re a science nerd like us you can download the clinical studies below for a in-depth look at each company's process and results. 

- SWT-7™

Lime Pearls™



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