Peppermint Tea - The Key To Healthy Skin & Hair?

Peppermint Tea - The Key To Healthy Skin & Hair?

Peppermint has been an essential and fundamental ingredient utilized by cultures throughout history. I'm sure you've encountered it in your life as well, whether it's a part of that refreshing piece of gum just before going out, or muddled into a Mojito later that night. But, did you know that peppermint infused tea boasts a variety of therapeutic and beneficial qualities? This is especially true when used to substitute for coffee, as it's much less likely to induce stress while still supporting an energetic, healthy, and happy day. 

The Science Behind Peppermint Tea

The scientific name for peppermint is Mentha Piperita. It can grow up to three feet tall and is a hybrid of Spearmint and Watermin plants. It grows throughout the globe in unique varietals. You can find it appearing as shrubbery in the Congo to full-scale gardens in Australia. This fragrant, dark green plant has more than 40 different chemical compounds arranged inside it, including menthold, menthone, and menthyl acetate. Many of these serve as antiseptics, antibacterials, antivirals, anti-inflammatory's, antioxidants, analgesic, and vasodilator! Not saying it does everything, but pretty close. 

Peppermint is completely natural and caffeine-free, and physicians have regularly recommended it for curing a lot of ailments. 

Benefits of Peppermint Tea

Benefits For Your Skin 

  • Helps Clear Out Acne - Incorporating peppermint tea into your daily routine either in the morning or evening can go a long way in helping clear your face of acne. It may be a slower process than dabbing anti-acne cream on those pesky zits but it has a long-lasting effect. The cooling effect of the mint helps dry out oily areas of your skin, including clogged pores that caused zits. Give a warm cup of peppermint tea a try and pair it with a little bit of patience and you'll be on your way to saying goodbye to acne. 
  • Brightens Dull Skin - The antioxidants contained in peppermint tea helps clear skin's pores. For ages people have used peppermint or menthol for treating greasy skin. Menthol, the main base element in peppermint leaves lowers the secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands. This, in turn, helps clear up oil on your skin that can lead to breakouts, brightening dull or aggravated skin. 
  • Soothes Irritation - For those of us with sensitive skin, peppermint tea can aid in soothing irritation with antioxidants that help cure ailments like sunburn, wrinkles, premature aging, and boost immunity's to protect against skin infections and cancer. The cooling property of peppermint can help treat insect bites, rashes, skin inflammation, and burns.

Benefits For Your Hair

  • Stimulates Hair Growth - If you're concerned about losing your hair or a receding hairline, try using peppermint tea. Peppermint works as a trigger for your scalp and supports hair growth. Due to its ability to soothe blood vessels and boost blood flow to the hair roots, peppermint stimulates the health of your hair. 

Benefits For Your Overall Health

  • Reduces Bloating or Indigestion
    Depending on the time of the month or if we've recently indulged in too many sweets or junk food - we can all experience bloating and indigestion from time to time. Peppermint tea can be a great remedy for this, it helps soothe the muscles of your tummy and improve the flow of bile, which is used to digest fats. This allows for the smooth functionality of our digestive system and gas allowed to pass through more effectively. 
  • Helps In Losing Weight
    Studies have shown that peppermint tea is a great source of support on the course of a weight loss journey. It hikes the fluid absorption for your body allowing you to take in and release more water. Of course gulping down peppermint tea isn't the only tool you should be using when losing weight but can help assist in the process. 
  • Helps With Nausea 
    Due to the antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory qualities of peppermint, peppermint tea is a great remedy for nausea and queasiness. It can help in more severe cases too when experiencing motion sickness, stomach pain, or diarrhea. 
  • Reduces Fever
    Menthol, the main component in peppermint tea, may have a body-cooling effect and lower the temperature of our body, both internally and externally. This may lead to reducing the fever and the related inflammation and discomfort 
  • Controls Anxiety
    Herbal teas have been proven to be the best when dealing with stress and anxiety. The warm liquid and menthol in peppermint can soothe and calm us down. So, whenever you feel stressed, have a cup full of warm peppermint tea, and you may feel refreshed and zen.
  • Helps Reduce Cough and Sore Throats
    Peppermint tea has been earned the title 'one of the best weapons against all types of coughs'. It is a tonic, refrigerant, anodyne, stimulant, and carries menthol which is a terrific agent when it comes to soothing and clearing phlegm from inside the throat. The steam from the tea soothes the nasal passage, and the warm liquid flowing down the esophagus can greatly improve a sore throat. 
  • Helps High Blood Pressure
    The relaxing and soothing properties of menthol in peppermint tea help in making our body release tension and stress, hence helping control high blood pressure. It has been proven that the oral administration of menthol can reduce diastolic blood pressure. 
  • Lowers Cholesterol
    Various research shows that peppermint can reduce the glucose and cholesterol levels in our body, in turn reducing cholesterol levels. 
  • Eases Menstrual Cramps and Breastfeeding
    Consuming peppermint tea has been proven to be effective in easing the pains of breastfeeding due to it's anti-inflammatory and anti-infection properties.  As always, pregnant and lactating women should consult their physician before consuming any herbs or teas.

    For many females, the menstrual cycle brings about a really painful experience with excessive cramps and abdominal pain. Having medicines is also not advisable during this phase, so going the herbal way is mostly recommended. Sipping a cup of warm peppermint tea can help in reducing cramps and pain. 
  • Strengthens Immune System
    Having this soothing drink regularly will not only help to kill the germs causing different ailments, but it may also help prevent bacteria from entering your body, hence preventing future diseases. The vitamin B, antioxidants, calcium, and potassium present in the peppermint leaf extract work as antibodies to fight off serious ailments and keep you healthy and h


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