Is Your Mascara The Culprit For Your Wrinkles?

Is Your Mascara The Culprit For Your Wrinkles?

I think it's fair to say that a decent amount of us women (and men) enjoying adding a little extra umph to our eyelashes from time to time. There isn't anything wrong with that! Yet, as we doll up our lashes for the day, it's important to think about the end of the day and getting that mascara off your face.

We can't forget that our eyes are not only a dashing treasure but they're also incredibly sensitive, and that includes the skin tissue around them that is very fragile and thin. Have you thought about how your mascara removal could be causing unnecessary wrinkles and crowfeet around your eyes?

We know how tough mascara can be to remove, especially when it's 'waterproof' so we compiled some tips for fending off annoying signs of aging while retaining your perfect smoky-eyes mascara look. 

One of the main keys to keeping your sensitive eyes and eye skin safe is allowing your makeup to dissolve so it will cause for less rubbing and irritating of the eye area. When you're removing your make up, we recommend using a saturated cotton pad or cloth with an oil-free, liquid eye makeup remover. Hold the cotton pad to each eye for about 20 seconds to dissolve the makeup, then gently wipe away. 


We also highly recommend using an eye cream or serum to keep the delicate skin hydrated, protected, and supported by rebuilding your natural skin barrier. 

General Tips 

  1. Only use the solid waterproof mascara for those occasions where you will really need it, otherwise stick with the good-old-fashioned stuff. 
  2. Wipe, never scrub! This will likely only dig makeup particles further into your pores and skin so go the gentle route and repeatedly and gently wipe. 
  3. Use an eye moisturizer or serum, especially at bed time! This not only fights off the effects of aging but nourishes sensitive skin with the nutrients it needs. 



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