Are Vertical Line Wrinkles Aging Your Look?

Are Vertical Line Wrinkles Aging Your Look?

Why Vertical Wrinkles Are the Most Noticeable Signs of Aging

Wrinkles are caused by many different things, with genetics being at the top of the list. While we all age at different rates based on our genes, hormone changes, smoking, sun exposure, pollution, stress, and repeated expressions also contribute to the appearance of wrinkles.

However, not all wrinkles are created equal. While no one wants to experience wrinkles of any kind, it’s the vertical wrinkles that most beauty-conscious people worry about.

Horizontal Lines vs Vertical Lines

The horizontal wrinkles are the first to appear on your face. You’ll begin to see them develop on your forehead and around the corners of your eyes. These wrinkles, however, generally aren’t that deep and can often be addressed by a good face tightening cream.

However, vertical lines are much more difficult to handle. Vertical lines are deeper and much more pronounced, and they result from repeated expressions and muscle contractions in your face.

Many people say that your vertical wrinkles reflect the essence of who you are, because they’ll appear differently depending on what expressions you make the most throughout your life. Of course, despite that deep soulful insight, that doesn’t change how eager most people are to make them disappear.

Your face’s skin and muscles begin to go slack overtime and eventually lose their elasticity and ability to return to their tight, firm, original position. That means they take on a natural, unconscious facial expression when your muscles are at rest (which is 99% of the day).

Types of Lines

There are different names for each group of wrinkles that generally appear. Here’s a look:

Frown lines are among the most common. These familiar lines will develop between the eyebrows on the place known as the labella. They are associated with frowning and a worried look. When these wrinkles begin to appear, it can make you look skeptical, deep in thought, or even angry at all times. In Asia, however, they are a sign of character in women.

Nasiolabial folds are also called “smile lines” and they run from the corners of the mouth to the outer corner of each nostril. This means you have smiled plenty in your years, and they are probably some of the happiest wrinkles you can get.

Maironette lines, however, are called the sad smile lines. They run straight from the corners of the mouth down to your lower jaw line. They tend to be very pronounced and can make it look like your mouth is jointed as if it could be articulated as though a ventriloquist’s puppet.

Obviously, no vertical lines are desirable for most people, and that’s why plenty of remedies are advertised to men and women every single day. From wrinkle creams to facial gymnastics and injections, there are many things you can do to attempt to address your vertical lines.

When it comes to addressing them, anti-aging creams (which help reverse, lessen the appearance of, and prevent more vertical lines) are among the best solutions.


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