5 Anti-Aging Skincare Tips For Men

5 Anti-Aging Skincare Tips For Men

Traditionally, skincare and anti-aging has fallen under the category of 'female' until very recently, and a large amount of skincare products have always been targeted solely to women. Men have often been known to take the simpler approach by focusing on body washes and deodorants but times have changes as awareness of healthy skincare has developed. 

It may not be as widely discussed or accepted but anti-aging skincare for men is becoming more and more prevelant, especially if they want to look like Brad Pitt or George Clooney well into their middle ages. If you're one of these men, or a woman looking to give her man some advice - we have just the right 8 tips for you! 

Men Have A Different Facial Structure 

We have to admit, we're just built differently and with different facial and body structure comes different skincare needs.

For example, you may have noticed that men get deeper forehead wrinkles but don't tend to get the same lines around their mouth that women do. Men can also be more prone to developing bags under their eyes. This is all because of their bone structure. 

The opening in the skull around the eye sockets is larger for men so there is less bony support there, which can result in developing deeper dark circles under their eyes. A nourishing, moisturizing eye cream with ingredients designed to target root causes of dark circles is often a key product for men.

They also have more sebaceous glands around their lips, which accounts for their reduced susceptibility of wrinkles around the mouth. Lucky!

Testosterone Can Cause Skin Issues

Men produce 10 times the testosterone that women do. Testosterone is responsible for the consistency of men's hair, and their skin elasticity and collagen production. This makes it so men have thicker skin and more collagen in general than women do. Of course, testosterone production decreases gradually, while women lose estrogen rapidly when they experience menopause. 

Testosterone also stimulates the 'sebaceous glands' which produce sebum. An excess of sebum can lead to acne, making it a slightly more difficult ailment to treat in men. Sebaceous glands exist throughout our skin, under our pores and within our hair follicles. These glands secrete sebum which is a combination of dead skin cells and natural fat. Sebum protects and lubricates our skin, keeping out bacteria and locking in moisture and water, otherwise our skin would feel more dry and itchy more often. 

We usually only hear about sebum though, where there is an excess of it as it's known to clog pores, cause oily skin, and actually nourish bacteria that leads to blackheads, acne, and breakouts. 

We only hear about it, however, when there’s an excess because that is when the It’s those clogged pores that also block hair follicles and contribute to baldness! Testosterone also causes slower healing and skin sensitivity so it's important to understand that more powerful treatments are not necessarily the answer, but instead using gentler products that work with your natural sebum, not against it. 

Men Can Be More Susceptible To Oxidation

It's believed that men are more vulnerable to the nasty aging process of oxidation due to their lack of estrogen, a major female hormone in the endocrine system that helps produce natural antioxidants. Antioxidants seek out and destroy free radicals that exist throughout our body. Free radicals are basically rogue cells that cause oxidative stress and lead to premature aging and disease contraction. These often are a result of pollution, overexposure to UV rays, and many other sources that we encounter in our daily habitats. 

Since men don't have significant estrogen, oxidative stress may be even more damaging to them and should be something that they account for. 

Poor Shaving Can Lead To Poor Skin

For men, shaving is a vital part of their skincare routine. Approximately 80% of men have at least one skin problem that stems from shaving, such as ingrown hairs or post-shave rashes and irritation. 

Shaving correctly makes a huge difference in men's skin. Here is how we recommend going about it: 

  1. Wet Your Beard Thoroughly
    When hair is swollen with water, it becomes weaker and easier to cut. Shaving right after a shower is great, but if that isn’t possible, rinse your face and apply a warm, wet towel for at least two minutes. If you shave when your face is cold and dry, you can experience razor burn or shaving rash.
  2. Use A Thick, Creamy Shaving Gel Product
    Focus on less foam and more thickness. This is because you want a shaving product to lubricate the skin and lock-in moisture. Try to leave this product on for at least a minute before shaving.
  3. Use A Shaving Brush
    They may seem old-timey but they have stuck around for a reason! Shaving brushes raise the hairs so you get a close cut. They also remove dead skin cells, so they exfoliate, and all that brushing helps to spread the product well. Brush in circular, upward strokes.
  4. Change Your Blades Often - At Least Every 2 Weeks 
    This is just a given, right? A dull blade can disturb the skin more than a sharp one, because you have to keep going over the same area. Disposable razor blades can also be difficult to clean, accumulating shaving cream and hair, which create bacteria build-up.

Men 50+ Have A Higher Risk For Melanoma

Although there hasn't been a solid conclusion as to why exactly, it's presume that men over 50 are more at risk than females of the same age range, when it comes to skin cancers. Some thing that this is because women are already using sunscreen as part of their anti-aging skincare routines or within their daily cosmetic products, or that they just tend to have a greater awareness of SPF usage in general. 

While sun protection does significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer, it doesn’t totally eliminate it, so it’s important to check skin regularly for abnormalities like changing moles, new growths, or any bleeding. Self checks and regular screenings, especially if you're a male over the age of 50 is a must! 


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