5 Fabulous Colors That Encourage Glowing Skin

5 Fabulous Colors That Encourage Glowing Skin

Have you ever considered the way the color of your clothes accent your natural skin tone or if it affects the look of your skin at all? Well without question, the color of the clothes you wear, especially closest to your face can definitely make an impact on the natural tone of your skin. Generally wearing warm, yellow-based hues and colors can give the skin a sallow, dull appearance while cool-toned colors will instead enhance the skin's natural glow and glimmer. We put together a list of our favorite colors that we know brighten your skin's natural glow, even on the days it might not be. 

1. Rose 

Pink-toned, rosy colors accent the natural fleshy pink tones in your skin, especially on the under-sides of your arms and legs. Adding a rose-colored blouse or set of trousers to your wardrobe is a good way to add a colorful splash to your fashion as well as add that natural rosy glow to your skin in any setting. 

2. Sage Green 

This pale, creamy green has gained a lot of popularity in fashion and decor lately and we fully intend to jump on the trend. This lime sherbert color makes suntanned skin appear warmer, highlighting chestnut and nutmeg colors in the skin tone. With paler skin, this beautiful color often elegantly highlights and accents the marble smooth skin. 

3. Light Lavender

A cool, pale lavender as opposed to the deeper more purple shades, bring out a nice natural glow in the skin. They also can cast a subtle light over your skin making your skin have a bouncing white glow and sheen about it. 

4. Salmon 

This is our personal favorite color that looks great close to any skin tone whether it's light, medium, or dark and definitely brings out the brightness with the skin. This is also a fun summer color to incorporate in any way. 

5. Pale Baby Blue 

A cool-based color that complements all skin colors and brings out the natural cool tones in the skin is a great addition to any wardrobe. This soft color manages to come together to farm really sharp outfits and adds an innate calm, cool accent to your skin. 

6. Silver 

A chilling shade of silver always looks great next to any skin tone, especially when paired with a shimmery pink lipstick or lipgloss. It also looks great with all hair colors and can be great for numerous occasions. 

Colors like white, black, and brown are neutral and will typically don't affect your skin color positively or negatively. They do help to reveal your skin’s natural tone. We can definitely tell you, color choices are really important when it comes to your skin so incorporate these colors into your wardrobe to reveal a natural glow! Do you have any colors that work great with your skin type and make your skin have that healthy glowing pop? Let us know! 


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